VISUAL PLEASURE (Tasco 2017) IB/SA, 27″, M. Seedling 11-IB-04-12-HR. Barium yellow, deeper brighter lemon yellow around beard and upper half of falls. Tangerine yellow beards with short hairy gentian blue horns. Nice form for a space-ager with moderately ruffled flowers. Some rebloom genes in background, but hasn’t rebloomed here. (07-SDB-79-17-HR: (05-SDB-31-13: (Carmel Celeste x 02-SDB-01-12: (Love Unlimited x Yearling))) x 05-SDB-03-18-HR: (Punk x 03-SDB-04-02-HR: (Mesmerizer x Hager pumila 4471TYY: (Ceremony x pumila 2847WFlrPr: (BU 68 x Atomic Blue)))) X Kid Power.)SOLD OUT