For the remainder of the 2024 shipping season, only the 2024 introductions are available

ABSOLUTE TREASURE (Tasco 2006) TB, 42”, M. (Sudden Impact X Color Me Blue) Wister Medal 2013. SOLD OUT


ANGEL OF THE GARDEN (Tasco 2022) TB, 40”, ML. (Absolute Treasure X (Arctic Express x My Beloved) SOLD OUT


ABOVE ALL THE LIGHTS (Duncan 2019) TB, 40″, L. (Cry Me A River X Mesmerizer) SOLD OUT

AMERICAN ORIGINAL (Tasco 2014) TB 41″ EM. (Spice Lord X (05-TB-05-17 (Innirishow x Temporal Anomaly)) SOLD OUT


AUTUMN EXPLOSION (Tasco 2013) TB, 33”, EM_RE. (Mariposa Autumn X Celestial Explosion) SOLD OUT

BEAUTIFUL EDGING (Tasco 2020) TB, 36″, ML (10-TB-56-32 (Gypsy Lord x Bushwacked) x (Gypsy Lord x Jazz Band) X Engagement Ring) SOLD OUT

BEYOND BORDERS (Tasco 2012) TB 35″ EM  Gypsy Glitter X Queen’s Circle. SOLD OUT

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN (Tasco 2008) TB, 34″, EM. (Night Game X Romantic Evening) Wister Medal 2014. SOLD OUT

BONNIE’S PLEASURE (Tasco 2024) TB, 36″, M.  16.TB.19.13:(11.TB.03.54:(For Lovers Only x 07-TB-32-03:(05.TB.07.53:(I’m Pretty x 01.TB.60.05:(Imaginarium x Twice Thrilling)) x Augustine)) x Silk Run) X Marital Bliss. $65.00.

BOUNDLESS BEAUTY (Tasco 2019) TB, 37″, M. (10-TB-56-03: (08-TB-22-10: (Gypsy Lord x Bushwhacked) x 08-TB-05-23: (Gypsy Lord x Jazz Band)) X Engagement Ring) SOLD OUT

CELESTIAL EXPLOSION (Tasco 2004) TB 35″ EM. Splashacata X Colortrak.  HM 2006, AM 2008. SOLD OUT


CHERISHED MEMORIES (Tasco 2023) TB, 35”, L.  (First Prize X 11.TB.28.24: (05.TB.02.23: (Golden Panther x 00.TB.09.04: (Birthday Greetings x Pink Attraction)) x Spice Trader)) SOLD OUT


DARK STORM (Tasco 2017) TB, 36″, M. Seedling 11-TB-32-05.  (08-TB-07-74: (County of Kent x Celestial Explosion) X 04-TB-03-19: (02-TB-70-56:(99-TB-15-15: (Splashacata x Paint It Black) x Celestial Explosion “dark sport”) x Celestial Explosion)) SOLD OUT

FIRE IN YOUR HEART (Tasco 2022) TB, 36″, ML. (Magical Realism X Sharp Dressed Man) SOLD OUT

FIRST PRIZE (Tasco 2017) TB, 41″, ML. (04-TB-19-14: (Mastery x Bold Encounter) X 02-75-53: (Cancan Dancer x 00-TB-05-09: (Cancan Dancer x Three Strikes))) SOLD OUT

FRESH AND EXCITING  (Tasco 2021) TB, 35″, ML. (Center Line X Teasing Tiger) SOLD OUT

GOLDEN PANTHER (Tasco 2000) TB 34″ M.   Guadalajara X 90-02-03: (Marsh Light x Dazzling Gold) Dykes Medal 2009.  SOLD OUT

ICE CREAM SUNDAE (Tasco 2018) TB, 36″, EML.  (Sweetly Sung X Haunted Heart) SOLD OUT

IRRESISTIBLE CHARM (Tasco 2016) TB, 37″, ML. (Gypsy Lord X Halloween Trick) SOLD OUT

JUST FOR KEN (Tasco 2022) TB, 43”, ML. (Silk Run X Sweetly Sung) SOLD OUT

LOVE ME FOREVER (Tasco 2023) TB, 38”, ML. SOLD OUT

MYSTICAL SUNSHINE (Tasco 2021) TB, 38″, ML.  (New Found Glory X Reckless Abandon) SOLD OUT

NORTH RIM (Tasco 2018) TB, 38″, ML. (Mastery x Bold Encounter) SOLD OUT

ONE STEP BEYOND (Tasco 2014) TB 34″ M.  Black Magic Woman X Smoky Shadows. HM 2016 SOLD OUT

OPTIC OVERLOAD (Tasco 2017) TB, 36″, M. (Crazy For You x Smoky Shadows)  SOLD OUT

OUTSIDE THE LINES (Duncan 2020) TB, 38″, M.  (Center line X Cotillion Gown) SOLD OUT

PEACH PEARL (Tasco 2014) TB, 36”, EML. (Laugh Lines x Elizabethan Age) SOLD OUT

PINCH ME PINK  (Tasco 2024) TB, 45″, M-L.  Isadora Belle X Marital Bliss.   $65.00.

QUIETLY AWESOME (Tasco 2021) TB, 33″, EM.  (11-TB-16-23 (Smoky Shadows x Iconic) X 11-TB-15-51 (Smoky Shadows x Latte)) SOLD OUT

ROYAL STORM (Tasco 2001) TB 35″ M.  Tempting Fate X Voodoo Blues. HM 2003, AM 2005. SOLD OUT

REALITY CHECK (Tasco 2019) TB, 41″, M. (Center Line X Teasing Tiger) SOLD OUT

SEA OF DARKNESS (Tasco 2020) TB, 34″, ML.  (Kathy Chilton X 10-TB-03-08 (04-TB-19-14 (Mastery x Bold Encounter) x Carnival Capers)) SOLD OUT

SECRET DELIGHT (Tasco 2018) TB, 41″, ML. (Silk Run X Bowled Over) SOLD OUT

SECRET PASSION (Tasco 2022) TB, 34″, ML. 15-TB-41-16: (11-TB-16-02: (Smoky Shadows x Iconic) X (11-TB-41-23: (Smoky Shadows x Iconic)) SOLD OUT

SMOKY SHADOWS  (Tasco 2010) TB 34″ ML. Solar Fire X Secret Service. SOLD OUT

SPRING ELEGANCE (Tasco 2018) TB, 38″, EML. (Shadows Of Night X Landgraefin Elisabeth) SOLD OUT

STORM LORD (Tasco 2023) TB, 35”, M.  (Reckless Abandon X Irresistible Charm) SOLD OUT

STREAKING SKIES (Tasco 2024) TB, 41″, L.   10.TB.16.19:(Smoky Shadows x Crazy For You) X Haunted Heart.  $65.00.

TEMPORAL ANOMALY (Tasco 2007) TB, 38″, M. (Tennessee Woman X 96-TB-08-53, Celestial Explosion sib.) SOLD OUT

UNDER MY SPELL  (Tasco 2016) TB, 38″, M. (Smoky Shadows X Iconic) SOLD OUT

VICTORIAN QUEEN (Tasco 2024) TB, 40″, M. 13.TB.10.51:(Passionate Kisses x 10.TB.52.17:(08.TB.05.23:(Gypsy Lord x Jazz Band) x 08.TB.22.10:(Gypsy Lord x Bushwhacked))) X Path To Heaven. $65.00

WAVES OF JOY (Tasco 2015) TB, 39”, ML.  (Kona Waves X 05-TB-27-31: (Antiquity x 00-TB-05-01: (Can Can Dancer x Three Strikes))) SOLD OUT

WHITE CHAMELEON (Tasco 2023) TB, 40”. ML. (11.TB.52.24, unknown X 11.TB.30.32: (Be Original x 04.TB.19.14: (Mastery x Bold Encounter))) SOLD OUT

WHITE HOT (Tasco 2008) TB, 37″, EM. (Martile Rowland X 99-TB-23-12: (Taj Regis x Green and Gifted)) SOLD OUT

WILD AND FREE (Tasco 2021) TB, 38″, ML. (Zlatovlaska X Beneath My Wings) SOLD OUT

YOURE SO VEINED (Tasco 2020) TB, 35″, EM.  (10-TB-14-41 (Smoky Shadows x Tango Amigo) X Haunted Heart.) SOLD OUT