Iris Unguicularis

Mediterranean type plant (zone 7 and above), blooming during the winter and early spring in mild climates.  Shipping fee is $12.00 for the first pot and $5.00 for each successive pot.

DAZZLING EYES (Tasco 2004) 9”-EML. Medium dark violet self with a precise veined haft pattern ending in a bold blue and white watermark; lower fall edge has a thin silver margin. SOLD OUT

LAVENDER MOONBEAMS (Tasco 2014), Spec unguicularis, 12”, ML.  Seedling # 00-UNG-02-01.  Sweetly fragrant pale lavender self,  large white area veined lavender covers the entire top half of the falls on both sides of the orange yellow signal.  The large flower is normaly about 5 inches across.  Parentage I. unguicularis “Alba” X Unknown large flowered unguicularis clone (probably Marondera). SOLD OUT

WINTER ECHOES (Tasco 2011) 12” –EML.  Darker purple lightly veined with a few white veins around and below the bold orange signal; large wide petals; flower is normally 4 “ wide.  SOLD OUT