please calculate shipping using the tables below


Please choose one listed below

ZIP CODES starting with 010 thru 089 and 100 thru 797

ZIP CODES starting with 798 thru 935 and 970 thru 994

ZIP CODES starting with 936 thru 961


$15.00 plus $1.35 for every rhizome

$14.50 plus $1.20 for every rhizome

$11.50 plus $0.70 for every rhizome


$15.00 plus $1.90 for every rhizome

$14.50 plus $1.50 for every rhizome

$11.50 plus $0.80 for every rhizome

TERMS: Check or money order for full payment on all orders, please do not send CASH in the mail. There is no minimum order. California residents must add 8.75% tax

ORDERS will be accepted until June 1, 2024. Shipping dates are July 8, 2024 through August 26, 2024. All mail orders are promptly acknowledged. We guarantee plants to be healthy and true to name. Our gardens are inspected twice yearly by the Office of the Mariposa County Agricultural Commissioner. Please remember that we cannot be held responsible for your culture and growing conditions after delivery.

SUBSTITUTIONS, which hopefully will not be necessary , will be made only with your permission. Please list suggestions on your order blank.

Gift Rhizomes will be included on all orders over $20 (excluding tax and shipping charges). These will be OUR choice based on order size and rhizome availability, but we welcome your wish lists! The longer the wish list, the better chance we can give you something you want and not something you already have!! REMEMBER–A LONG WISH LIST IS BETTER THAN NO WISH LIST AT ALL!

E-mail : randrcv@sti.net

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Phone : 209-966-6277

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