FROSTY SPIRIT (Tasco 2017) BB, 27″, EM. Seedling 11-BB-01-23. Very pale light blue, lighter in centers; slightly darker in cooler weather; couple of thin green veins on standard midribs. Wistaria blue beard is golden orange in throat. Moderately ruffled flowers with up to 7 buds and a medium sweet fragrance. There are rebloom and space-age genes in the background, but neither characteristic has shown up here. (07-SDB-79-17-HR: (05-SDB-31-13: (Carmel Celeste x 02-SDB-01-12: (Love Unlimited x Yearling))) x 05-SDB-03-18-HR: (Punk x 03-SDB-04-02-HR: (Mesmerizer x Hager pumila 4471TyY: (Ceremony x pumila 2847WFlrPr: (BU 68 x Atomic Blue))) X Glacier Point) SOLD OUT