FOREVER ORANGE (Tasco 2018) SDB, 15″, M/RE. Seedling 13-SDB-03-37-RE. Strong rebloomer in our zone 8 climate. Nasturtium orange, slightly lighter standards; persimmon orange B, darker in throat. 3 buds with a light citrus fragrance. All Ruffled Up crossed with a very complex light peach reblooming seedling going all the way back to 1991 and involving a seedling of Roger Duncan and 2 seedlings of Bennett Jones. (All Ruffled Up X 05-SDB-26-10-RE: (00-SDB-15-10-RE: (96-08-19: (94-09: (91-56-10: (Wake Up x Bisbee) x Wizard’s Return sib) x Wizard’s Return sib) x Vintage Rose) x 02-SDB-18-01: (Duncan 7-A-86-13: (B.Jones 509-3: (Cinderella x B.Jones 433-5: (Orange Tiger x Pumpkin Center)) x 94-07-06: (91-19: (Blitz x Sam) x Blitz)) x Yearling))) SOLD OUT