DARK STORM (Tasco 2017) TB, 36″, M. Seedling 11-TB-32-05. Cold white ground standards peppered dark purple, more solid at the top with black highlights, slight purple midrib. Cold white ground falls peppered dark purple, more solid at the edges with black highlights, very slight purple centerline. White based beards, light yellow in middle and throat and lavender purple at the end. Show stalks have up to 9 buds, medium purple based foliage. Lightly ruffled flowers have a very light sweet fragrance. Basically a “taller and darker” Celestial Explosion working towards a black peppered pattern. (08-TB-07-74: (County of Kent x Celestial Explosion) X 04-TB-03-19: (02-TB-70-56:(99-TB-15-15: (Splashacata x Paint It Black) x Celestial Explosion “dark sport”) x Celestial Explosion)) SOLD OUT