After a big turn out at our open garden, most of our stock is sold out. 

We do still have the 2024 Introductions available.


Welcome to my Web Page for 2024. We would like to thank all our new customers and especially those customers who have ordered from us for many years. For if not for you we would not be able to enjoy growing and hybridizing the iris.

We were very pleased with the awards that we received from the American Iris Society in 2023. Topping the list was the Clarence G. White award for an arilbred of more than 50 percent aril. Bold Awakening was the winner. Autumn Explosion was runner up for the Dykes Medal. Dark Wonder and Frosty Spirit were runner ups for the Knowlton Medal. The arilbred Rosy Celebration won the Fred and Barbara Walther Cup. Award of Merit winners were Noble Lord (TB), Sping Elegance(TB), Forever Orange (SDB), and Sun And Snow(AB). Honorable Mention winners were Quietly Awesome(TB), Sea Of Darkness(TB), Wild And Free(TB), Rosy Celebration(AB), On The Web(AB), Creative Art(AB), and Sailing At Dawn(AB).

So far this winter we are not getting as much rain as last year. This year we only have 2.86 inches to date. A lot less than the nine inches we had at this time last year. But it has been enough to keep the iris watered without me needing to irrigate.

In the meantime enjoy your dreams of blooming iris and have a great iris bloom season in 2024,


Rick Tasco

A classic view of Superstition Iris Gardens

Rick busy hybridizing iris